Stanley Cup Style

Stanley Cup Style

Jun 24th 2022

For the first time since 2001, The Colorado Avalanche have made it to the Stanley Cup Finals. Needless to say, the energy in Denver is electric right now. After an early victory in Game 1, the atmosphere of excitement has exploded All over town, fans are gathering to cheer on the Avs. Whether you’re at a low-key kickback or one of the massive watch parties hosted by downtown’s best bars, we’ve got you covered with stylish outfits that will let your team spirit shine.

The easiest way to rep your team while staying stylish is to incorporate team colors into outfits you already wear. The advantage to this strategy is that you can use existing pieces in your wardrobe, or make additions that won’t feel like a waste. Personally, I am thankful the Avs have the colors they do, because colors like navy and maroon are wearable and versatile. Our first pick is a laid-back look with layers. It might be a million degrees outside, but if you have the privilege of attending a game in person, an indoor ice rink is guaranteed to be significantly cooler. We love this flannel because it checks all the boxes. Team colors? Yep. Lightweight and perfect for layering? Definitely. Cute and comfy? Of course. We paired it with this lightweight ¾ sleeve top, because in addition to matching the color scheme, mixing patterns is an easy way to keep a casual outfit interesting.

If your plans include going out on the town, you might prefer a slightly dressier look. Alongside all the usual sports bars, there will be trendier spots getting in on the fun and hosting events. We like this dress because you can dress it up or down. The soft and airy fabric makes for a fitted look that’s still super comfortable. To go all out while keeping it classy, accessorize with some of our delicate mountain themed jewelry. A dainty necklace or stud earrings with a mountain silhouette is the perfect way to stick to the theme while remaining understated.

In the interest of sportsmanship, we’ve also included a look for Denver’s Florida transplants. Just because you’re cheering for the other team, doesn’t mean you can’t look good doing it. Luckily, this light knit sweater is cute year round. Wear it through the rest of the finals to rep Tampa Bay’s team colors (or save it for after the series ends). The beauty of all these outfits is the fact that you can continue to wear them after hockey season ends!