No matter how unique or broad your preferences are, there’s something for you at Decade Gifts in South Denver. Whether you’re looking for yourself on a random Tuesday, going shopping after brunch with the ladies on a Sunday, or looking for a gift that will wow, Decade Gifts is here to help. 

Decade Gifts combines uniqueness and affordability for the following items: 

Themed gifts

Vintage and antique Furniture

Themed baby items

Mens under $50

Womens under $50

Gifts under $30

Find Your “Section”

At Decade Gifts, we organize our store into sections, each with a recognizable theme. No more wandering around asking people where you can find the items you’re looking for. From the moment you walk into Decade Gifts, you’ll experience shopping the way it was supposed to be experienced. Curated, organized, and specific to your needs. 


If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, check out our “Lodge” section. The “Yoga” section for the yogis obtaining peace of mind out there. From bath care and lotion to coffee mugs and more, Decade Gifts lets you shop as specific or niche as you want. 

Features and Awards

Readers' Choice- Best Store on Broadway

Readers' Choice- Best Store on Broadway

Readers' Choice- Best Store on Broadway

More than a Transaction

You’re tired of shopping at the name brand stores. Tired of not being able to find the high-quality products you want at thrift stores. Tired of searching for vintage furniture only to find inflated price tags. Come to Decade Gifts and watch your shopping worries disappear. 


Decade Has Something for Everyone

Yes. We sell on-trend clothing and vintage furniture you can’t find anywhere else, but we’re more. The second you walk into Decade Gifts, you’re greeted by the items you’ve looked everywhere for, but couldn’t find. With a highly-curated selection, there’s an experience for everyone at Decade Gifts. 

The Decade Gifts Promise

Our mission is to bring joy to people through fashion. Our goal is to listen to the needs of our customers about their fashion, furniture, and gift choices. We understand how impactful these elements can be: the confidence a new dress can bring, the comfort of a unique sofa, the smile a well-thought out gift brings to your loved one’s face. 


All of our items are specifically tailored to capture the feelings you want for yourself and loved ones. Whether it’s a funny quote on a mug that only you would have known your loved one would enjoy or a unique dress that brings out your eyes in a certain way, no one can cater to your unique qualities like Decade Gifts.


The Possibilities Are Timeless at Decade Gifts

Whether you’re looking for something specific or you’re feeling spontaneous, Decade Gifts blends time and aesthetics to give you the tailored shopping experience you’ve been looking for. Whether you’re looking for that goofy gift to give to your best friend, the latest trends in fashion, or a vintage furniture piece to bring your living room together, we can help. From the moment you walk into our store, you’ll notice this isn’t your typical shopping experience. 


Highly-curated sections ensure that you don’t have to waste time searching for your specific taste in our store. Looking for quirky gifts? We have a section for you clearly displayed. Searching for that new outfit that can tie easily into your wardrobe? There’s a section for it. No matter what your interests are, we cater to you knowing how important your unique qualities are. 


It’s time to avoid the basic, regular, and the boring. There’s something for everyone at Decade Gifts. Stay on trend and stand out from the crowd simultaneously. Decade Gifts is your one stop shop for all your clothing, furniture, and gift needs.