Self- Care 101

Self- Care 101

Posted by Kendall Schmitz on Jun 11th 2022

Today more than ever, self care is a vital part of well-being. In our fast paced, high pressure world, taking time to mindfully care for one’s self is key to staying sane and healthy. The beauty is, almost anything done mindfully can be considered self care. Whether you prefer an extravagant day of spoiling yourself, or if you’re all about the little things, taking time to do things that feed your soul has a massive effect on mental, physical, and emotional health. My favorite self care activities are the ones that are simple and flexible.

For example, showering is probably already a part of your routine. Of course, bubble baths, lighting candles, fully exfoliating and moisturizing are some of the first things a lot of us think of as self care, and if it’s something you particularly enjoy, it can be done regularly. But on mornings where a rushed rinse is the best you can muster, it’s still possible to add little touches that make it more enjoyable. Using a soap you LOVE the smell of, or an essential oil shower steamer is a simple addition to your current routine, and helps squeeze a little extra relaxation into your busy day.

If you are looking for a practice that’s both adaptable and highly effective, journaling will do just the trick. Whether you want to track your habits, manifest goals, or just sort through feelings, journaling is proven to help. Studies show that gratitude journals in particular can have a major impact on mood and outlook. Just writing down and looking at a few things you are grateful for can provide a mood boost or shift in perspective. You don’t need to write a long entry every day, but consistently sitting down and taking a moment to observe your thoughts is seriously beneficial for mental and emotional health. (Bonus points for using a cute journal - how can you see a corgi butt without smiling?)

When it comes to self care basics though, nothing is more essential than being mindful of eating, sleeping, and moving your body. Unfortunately, the human body does not come with a user manual, and every individual has a unique set of needs. Paying attention to yours will make you the happiest and healthiest version of yourself you can be. No one is perfect, and sometimes the basics don’t come easy. Luckily, there are plenty of little things you can do to set yourself up for success. Learn a few healthy recipes that are quick and easy, and keep them in rotation to improve eating habits. Better sleep is one of the many benefits of exercise, and even gentle movement like restorative yoga is helpful. If you still struggle to get a full night’s rest though, a sleep mask might help. And don’t forget to drink water!!