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The Denver Furniture Store for All Tastes.

Decade has it all. Whether you're looking for neutral colors, mid century modern, or shabby chic furniture, there's no telling what you'll find.

Denver Furniture That Fits Your Denver Home

Decade Gifts is your Denver shop for all your furniture needs. Here, you can add something to your home that’s uniquely Denver; vintage furniture that doesn’t break the bank. Our rotating furniture selection is the perfect accompaniment to our eclectic gifts.  

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Unique Furniture Finds That Fit Your Style

WIth a collection of vintage furniture that showcases our personalized gifts, there’s no limit to what you can find at Decade. Using restored dressers, antique armoires, and retro desks, we situate our offerings so they correspond to the themes in our store.


When you shop at Decade Gifts, you’re greeted by the things you always knew you needed, but never knew how to find. Our highly-curated selection of furniture blends with our gifts in organized “themes”: store sections that direct you to items that reflect your personality.

Rotating Selections So There’s Always Something For You

Whether you’re looking for a dresser, end table, dining table, tabletop accessory, mirrors, seating, or armoire, there’s no telling what you’ll find when you walk into Decade Gifts. Our one-of-a-kind selection is always changing so you gain inspiration from the moment you walk in and no two visits are the same.

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Accentuate Your Style At Decade

If you’re looking for bookshelves, chairs, coffee tables, couches, dining tables, dressers, furniture accessories, or side tables, you can find something to suit your taste at Decade Gifts. We pride ourselves in our commitment to making furniture easily-accessible across the Denver area. Whatever your taste, we can accommodate. 

An Exceptional Denver Furniture Experience

We don't cater to specific furniture styles. When you come to Decade, you might find modern furniture styles, shabby chic furniture, or mid-century modern furniture. We don't discriminate. We curate.


With high-end furniture and hand-curated furnishings, Decade gifts unifies all tastes. Every section you enter has something with your name on it. With a rotating inventory, there's always something new to catch your eye.


Your interior design should be a reflection of your tastes. Stop settling for the generic. From restored traditional furniture to the transitional and contemporary, you can make your home stand out the right way. Reclaimed wood, straight lines, and modern furniture styles fit into your living, dining, or bedroom, and home offices.

At Decade, There’s No Telling What You'll Find.

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  • Transitional furniture
  • Contemporary furniture
  • Mountain modern furniture
  • Farmhouse furnishings
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Create the interior design you want in your life.